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The Stephens Group, LLC exceeds all investigative needs through the perseverance of its group, whom collectively have over 40 years of experience. We pride ourselves in forming partnerships through collaborating and maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. The core beliefs of our group are based on intelligence, protection, and confidentiality.

The Stephens Group, LLC offers a broad range of investigative services. All casework large or small is expedited in a professional, concerned, and confidential manner. Clients are able to tailor their experience with the group to their own specific needs.

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“As a close colleague and fellow special agent with the U.S. Secret Service, I had the distinct privilege to partner with Stephens in complex protective duties regarding the President, Vice-President and Heads of Foreign Government. I can assure you that such protectees slept soundly at night knowing that Stephens was operating quietly and carefully to insure their safety from those that would harm them if given the opportunity. He did this with great personal sacrifice but was always proud in serving his mission to this country and their elected leaders. He was the best in his investigative duties always applying his passion for pursuing the wrongdoers and bringing them to justice. The skills that he applied are currently used as the go-by for those many special agents that would follow. Stephens is the kind of investigator that you always want on your side. The Stephens Group will always be there for you.”

Honorable Kenneth M. Donohue
Former Inspector General – Department of Housing and Urban Development

“When employing a detective, you can demand professionalism, integrity, interest, and enthusiasm. You need a great communicator who has attention to detail, the hallmark of a good detective. Expect 5 star quality. I employed Kathryn Stephens as a detective in my firm and was very disappointed to see her leave. In my 46 years of detective experience I have learned to judge character. She is top-drawer material.”

Bob Lessemun Investigation, INC.
Investigator – USA Office of Military Commissions